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Welcome to the website of the NSW Stud Merino Breeders' Association (NSW SMBA). This association, formerly known as the NSW Sheepbreeders' Association (until 1979), was formed in 1894 "to deal with any matter conducive to the improvement of the breed and quality of sheep".


Since the commencement of Merino stud breeding in Australia, stud masters and classers have developed a remarkable animal adapted to suit environments from arid dry areas of north west Queensland, northern SA, north west WA to the high rainfall country of southern Australia and all environments in between. Stud masters and classers must be applauded for breeding such a complex animal and the improvement has been nothing short of extraordinary during the last 15 years.

The Modern Merino has now evolved. These sheep are dynamic wool producers of heavy, quality wool, grown on an excellent meat carcass combined with excellent and improving fertility. They are of exceptional constitution and conformation. They are being bred with the latest scientific measurements combined with a common sense subjective approach.

Globally, the wool industry continues to be a large industry of significant presence with the gross margin on well-bred, well-managed Merinos continuing to exceed or equal that achieved by other rural enterprises. With their superb dual-purpose qualities and excellent fertility, Merinos are bringing a return on a par with cattle.

The NSW SMBA is a great believer in sheep shows, ewe competitions, well-run wether trials and sire evaluation studies. Nothing hastens improvement more than robust and open competition. Two major ram sales and three of Australia's major shows are run under the auspices of the NSW SMBA each year.

The Sydney Sheep Show, run in conjunction with the annual Royal Easter Show, provides an opportunity for NSW breeders of all wool types to display the pick of their progeny along with fleeces.

In January each year, arguably the best of the nation's fine wool Merinos are available for display and sale at the Great Southern Supreme Merino's show and sale in Canberra and top-of-the-drop fine to medium woolled rams are the focus at the Rabobank National Sheep Show and Ram Sale, annually held in Dubbo at the end of August.

Following the Dubbo event, NSW breeders enter their on-property ram-selling season that continues well into the New Year. During this period, some 150 NSW Merino studs offer hogget rams at affordable prices with these and many more also selling at multi-vendor sales held in the September-February period.

With the proven dual-purpose benefits of the Modern Merino, sheep breeders will be well ahead if they remain with this enterprise.

James Derrick


Upcoming Events

07-Jan-2019 | Tarrangower private sale commences

13-Jan-2019 | Essex Hill private sales commence

16-Jan-2019 | Mount Ascot & Jolly Jumbuck QLD on-property Sale

18-Jan-2019 | Great Southern Supreme Merino Field Days

21-Jan-2019 | Great Southern Supreme Merino Ram Sale

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