NSW Objectives

(Reference: Memorandum of Association dated 23rd August, 1983.)


The objects for which the Association is established are solely for the purpose of carrying out the following objects and not otherwise:

  1. To take over and acquire the assets and liabilities and generally the affairs of the unincorporated body known as The New South Wales Stud Merino Breeders' Association as a going concern and to continue its objects and activities;

  2. To promote and encourage the breeding and presentation of higher quality Merino sheep and to improve the standard of the breed;

  3. To collect, verify and publish information relating to Merino sheep;

  4. To compile, print and publish at intervals solely or in conjunction with any other bodies registers or flock books or other records of Merino sheep within the Commonwealth of Australia;

  5. To hold shows or exhibitions or sales of Merino sheep and to offer prizes in respect of competitions between Merino sheep or between Merino sheep and sheep of other breeds or cross breeds;

  6. To make arrangements and otherwise deal with selling agents or selling agents' associations as to the conduct of sales and marketing of stud and other sheep and of wool;

  7. To conduct either solely or in conjunction with any other bodies conferences on any matters relative to the sheep breeding industry;

  8. To affiliate with other bodies having similar or related objects or to secure the affiliation with this Association of any such other bodies;

  9. To organise or join in any federation of similar organisations within the Commonwealth of Australia and elsewhere;

  10. To prescribe and approve standard or other conditions in relation to the sale or exhibition of sheep or wool;

  11. To regulate the conduct of members in relation to exhibitions, auctions or other sales, maintenance and conduct of flock registers of sheep and to impose such penalties upon members as may be considered desirable;

  12. To coestablish and maintain offices for the objects of the Association and to purchase, lease or otherwise acquire property;

  13. To make rules, regulations and by-laws for the purpose of carrying out or giving effect to any of the objects of the Association;

  14. To print and/or publish or make contributions to any newspapers, periodicals, books or leaflets and to publish whether in print, type, broadcast or otherwise howsoever any information which the Association may consider desirable for the promotion of its objects;

  15. To establish, create or sponsor scholarships or bursaries at such agricultural colleges, universities or technical colleges or schools as the Association may from time to time think fit;

  16. To carry out or to promote the carrying out of research and extension into better methods of animal husbandry, genetics and health;

  17. To undertake and to execute any trusts, the undertaking of which may seem desirable either gratuitously or otherwise and to appoint trustees and nominees therefor;

  18. To purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire real or personal property and to sell, mortgage, lease, sublease or otherwise deal in or with any property of the Association;

  19. To borrow or raise and secure the payment of money in such manner as the Association shall think fit and in particular by the issue of debentures or debenture stock or by giving mortgages, charges or securities charged upon or over all or any of the real or personal property of the Association and to purchase, pay off or redeem any such securities; and

  20. To do all such other lawful acts, deeds and things as are incidental to or conducive with the attainment of the above objects or any of them or any such other acts, deeds or things that might be conducive to the progress and welfare of the Association and its members.