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The Top Sire is the Annual Journal of the NSW SMBA, including the QLD Merino Stud
Sheepbreeders' Association. If you would like to receive this journal please email your
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The Top Sire 2017-18

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 Top Sire Cover 2017 2018


  •  NSW Merinos Lead teh way with brucellosis
  •  ASAWS Prompts new family within Alfoxton Stud
  •  Wool style wins bookham
  •  Introducing the Merino Lifetime Productivity Project
  •  Training Programs get young people into ag
  •  Supply vs Demand
  •  Merinos performing at "Ayrston"
  •  Merino Boom
  •  Merino's have been successful for us
  •  Is shearing more than once a year worth it?
  •  Eradication of Wild Dogs in Clusters






The Top Sire 2016-17


TTS Cover Pic 2016 2017 Featuring:
  • Introducing your new President
  • Know your Numbers
  • NSW SMBA Trust funding
  • Breeding and feding the ultimate money makers
  • Midstate's magic move
  • Lowes on a high in Crookwell
  • Three out of three for the Chapmans
  • The professional sheepclasser
  • Honour for Bill Benjamin


 The Top Sire 2015-16


TTS 2015 Cover Featuring:
  • Sheep Show supports Camp Quality Trek
  • New Federal leader
  • NSW SMBA Trust funding
  • Merino Wool - still the best game in town
  • The ewe rules
  • Polls reign at GSSM
  • Fat and fertility focus lifts profits
  • Raw Data - Simple and accurate
  • Trigger Vale's sheep farmers of the year
  • Hazeldean 1865-2015
  • One woman wool mill



The Top Sire 2014-15 (118pp)


TTS 2014-2015 Cover  


  • Tara Park - doubly supreme
  • Encouraging future wool industry leaders
  • Excitement of Wool Charne
  • How the Farmers of the Year farm
  • The woolshed
  • On tour in South Africa

The Top Sire 2013-14 (128pp)


  • Two supremes to Merryville Merino stud
  • Once, a splendid coin
  • Featuring Merinos at Dubbo
  • Monsieur Keamy Merino knight
  • Merritop wins 2013 Peppin-Shaw
  • New research promotion group
  • Cheap insurance when shearing
  • Wool for wings
  • Pooginook embraces science

The Top Sire 2012-13 (132pp)


  • Shalimar Park’s historic Sydney win
  • Historic Willandra 150 year celebrations
  • Reports on all major NSW Merino shows and sales
  • The Top Twenty NSW ram and semen sales
  • NSW schools take up Merino Wether Challenge
  • Merino Ewe Competition results
  • Merinos outperforming wheat, cattle and prime lambs
  • On-property sale results and tops of the season

The Top Sire 2011 (100pp)


  • Nerstane’s Sydney Supreme
  • Wrap-up of Sydney, Dubbo and Canberra (GSSM) shows
  • 60th Hay Sheep Show
  • The Top Twenty NSW ram and semen sales
  • Record Merino flock price
  • Buying rams – you get what you pay for
  • Merino Ewe Competition results
  • On-property sale results and tops of the season

The Top Sire 2010 (96pp)


  • Merryville’s 10th Sydney Supreme and 24th Stonehaven Cup
  • Merino – the dominant breeding ewe
  • Self-replacing flocks on top in gross margins
  • 50 years of Dubbo National Ram Sale
  • The State’s major Merino shows and sales
  • NSW Merino ewe competitions
  • Poll Merino resurgence
  • On-property sale results and tops of the season